Beat-Up Tesla Cybertruck Found Wearing Special Equipment

It appears someone at Tesla really put this Cybertruck prototype through the paces. Perhaps there's footage?

Elon Musk calls for more oil and gas as world transitions to sustainable energy

Elon Musk reiterated his support for nuclear power during his talk at the 2022 Offshore Northern Shore (ONS) conference, which is being held at Stavanger, Norway. Interestingly enough, the Tesla CEO made it a point to reiterate his stance ...

Tesla is focused on FSD wide release by end of 2022: Elon Musk

During his talk at the 2022 Offshore Northern Shore (ONS) conference in Stavanger, Norway, Tesla CEO Elon Musk covered a variety of topics, from Tesla’s FSD wide release to renewable energy. According to Musk, his attention today is currently ...

LG Energy Solution and Honda announce U.S. EV battery plant, incentives take focus

Korea’s LG Energy Solution and Japan’s Honda Motor Co. have announced they will build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in the United States. The collaboration between LG Energy Solution and Honda brings yet another large-scale EV battery manufacturing project ...

Tesla's Elon Musk Focusing On Wide Release Of FSD Before Year's End

During Musk's recent talk about the future of energy, he admits his primary focus is SpaceX and FSD, at least for now.

The Kia Niro EV has a pricing problem

The next generation Kia Niro EV will face a new pricing issue as it gets released later this year. The Kia Niro has been Kia’s budget EV offering since its inception, and with the next generation coming to the ...

Tesla Model S Plaid dismantles previous EV hot lap record by nearly five seconds

A Tesla Model S Plaid driven by professional electric vehicle driver Blake Fuller recently dismantled the previous EV hot lap record at Sebring Raceway in Highlands County, Florida, which was not close. The all-electric Model S Plaid broke the ...

GM CEO focuses on 1 million EV target, subtly takes out Tesla-beating goal

General Motors has been pretty open about its electric vehicle aspirations. Being the company that US President Joe Biden has dubbed the leader of the EV revolution, GM has largely kept the narrative, and it is one that CEO ...

Tesla Giga Berlin gets bullish outlook from Deutsche Bank: “Could be a game-changer”

It appears that Tesla Giga Berlin is quite an impressive factory. Similar to teams from UBS and Jefferies, Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner also proved bullish on Tesla following an investor meeting at Gigafactory Berlin. According to the analyst, ...

Tesla violated labor laws because it required employees to wear company uniform

Tesla reportedly did not allow employees to wear pro-union clothing, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said, ruling the automaker broke labor laws. Tesla, in reality, required production workers to wear the company uniform, which is suggested for safety ...

Tesla Giga Texas is stocking up on 4680 structural battery packs

During the Q2 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk was quick to note that Tesla is not dependent on its 4680 cells yet. Model Ys are being produced in Texas, but only some of them are equipped with 4680 structural battery ...

Stop Using the Tesla Model 3 to Run Over Child Mannequins

Does the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot system work? Is the Model 3 safe? What’s the biggest Model 3 complaint? Watch out, Elon Musk isn’t amused by videos of the Tesla Model 3 hitting child-sized mannequins. It doesn’t matter if ...

Genesis G80 aims to disrupt the highly competitive luxury EV sedan market

Genesis is launching their all-new electric Genesis G80, and it will go up against a highly competitive luxury sedan market that has plenty of high-quality options. The Genesis G80 electric is another electric addition to the luxury Korean brand. Hyundai/Kia ...

Surprising No One, Tesla Violates Labor Law by Restricting Pro-Union Apparel at Factory

Tesla workers were told to remove shirts supporting the UAW, violating rights upheld by the National Labor Relations Board.

Elon Musk focused on getting self-driving Teslas in wide release by year-end

Tesla chief Elon Musk said on Monday he aimed to get the electric auto maker’s self-driving technology ready by year-end and hopes it could be in wide release in the United States and possibly in Europe, depending on regulatory approval. ...

This is Not a Drill: Real Human People are Implanting Tesla Key Card Chips in Their Skin

Can you get your Tesla key implanted in your body? Is it safe to implant computer chips in your body? What can we use computer chip implants for? I get it; losing your car keys sucks. Walking all the ...

Tesla is suing my state so Louisianans can buy EVs

Tesla is suing the State of Louisiana over a law that restricts its ability to sell EVs directly to customers which violate its constitutional rights, The Wall Street Journal reported. Tesla is also fighting for the freedom of not ...

Tesla owner implants key chip into hand

Photo / Supplied How annoying is it when you can’t find your keys? One Tesla owner will never have to face that issue again, as he recently had a key chip implanted into his right hand to act as ...

Funky Ora Cat electric hatch sizes up to Tesla Model 3 in Melbourne first

Funky GWM Ora Good Cat EV hatch in Melbourne Ora Cat is taller than the Tesla Model 3 Local launch yet to be announced Ora Good Cat next to the Tesla Model 3. Image: Riz Akhtar Affordable EV hatches ...

Elon Musk Highlights from 2022 ONS Conference [Video]

2022 ONS Conference Theme Musk on Oil, Gas, and a Renewable System Musk’s EV Predictions  Elon Musk attended the 2022 Offshore Northern Shore Conference in Norway. He talked extensively about building trust and the path to a sustainable future. ...

Tesla seeks to overturn Louisiana ban on direct car sales

SAN FRANCISCO: Tesla Inc has filed a lawsuit to challenge Louisiana’s refusal to allow the company to sell vehicles directly to consumers, calling the US state’s move protectionist and anti-competitive. The case is the latest battle to reverse direct ...

“Smashed:” Record month in store for Tesla sales as seventh ship arrives

Seventh Tesla ship arrives at Port Kembla Japan Model Y market comes online Source: Twitter Tesla is in store for a record month – and quarter – of electric vehicle sales as it continues the rollout of the Model ...

NLRB Rules Against Tesla Dress Code Requiring Workers to Wear Pre-Approved Black Shirts Only

NLRB Orders Tesla to Repeal its Dress Policy Organizers Show Musk What Solidarity Is The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on Monday that it was unlawful for Tesla to mandate employees to only wear Tesla or other pre-approved ...

Elon Musk calls on Twitter whistleblower to provide details on spam accounts

How Zatko can help Musk Elon Musk vs. Twitter Background Elon Musk’s legal team sent a subpoena to former Twitter security chief turned whistleblower Pieter “Mudge” Zatko over the weekend. Musk’s camp wants Zatko to share details about Twitter’s ...

NASA scrubs first SLS Moon rocket launch attempt

NASA has scrubbed the first attempted launch of its Space Launch System (SLS) Moon rocket after running into multiple issues, one of which could not be solved in time. The delay is bad news for the tens to hundreds of ...

Tesla spotted stacking structural battery packs at Gigafactory Texas; what’s happening?

Tesla has been spotted stacking an impressive number of structural battery packs in inventory at Gigafactory Texas. We look into what could be happening. When Tesla started production of Model Y at Gigafactory Texas earlier this year, it launched ...

Elon Musk adds several more reasons why he’s terminating Twitter buyout deal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has outlined five new reasons why he is terminating his Twitter buyout deal. Musk’s arguments were outlined in a 13D filing submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Musk’s recent 13D filing ...

The Tesla Cybertruck Was Just Spotted With What Looks Like Crazy Camera Sensors

The Tesla Cybertruck design seems to include some weird sensor things What could the Cybertruck’s design mean? The Cybertruck was recently missing its windshield wiper The Tesla Cybertruck is in the news again, and this time it’s for its ...

Norwegian Tesla owners announce hunger strike over ongoing problems

Norway loves electric cars, like really loves them, and Tesla’s reception in the country perhaps* best known for not being the one that built Saabs and Volvos was largely a warm one — at least until a few missteps ...

Tesla Owner Seeks Class Action Against Automaker For Phantom Braking

The Model 3 owner who wants to take Tesla to court describes the issue as a “frightening and dangerous nightmare.”

Deal Alert: Save 57% On This Tesla EV Charger Adapter

Pick up this Lectron EV charging adapter to connect with most Tesla chargers and save $250 while you're at it. If you own a Tesla and are looking to buy another EV, or vice versa, you'll need this adapter for your home charger.

Tesla Storing Impressive Number of 4680 Battery Packs At Giga Texas

The number of structural packs is impressive, but why is Tesla just storing them?

Model 3 Owner Sues Tesla Over Alleged ‘Phantom Braking’ Issue — Here’s What You Need To Know

What Is the Issue That the Complainant Allegedly Experienced Tesla Didn’t Not Recalled the Car Even Though It Was Covered in Warranty Tesla Model 3 Owner Seeks Class Action There Are Other Complaint Regarding Tesla’s Alleged Problems With the ...

Tesla’s 20 million EV goal for 2030 can be equated to the Manhattan Project: expert

For the longest time, Tesla has played the role of a disruptor, a force in the auto industry that pushes other companies to change and acknowledge the legitimacy of battery electric vehicles. But with the company’s 20 million EV ...

Tesla's Giga Shanghai Transitions From Exports To Local Deliveries

We'll have to wait a month or more to begin seeing Tesla's vehicles piling up for export out of China.

‌Here’s how Tesla’s first battery cathode factory progress is going

Tesla has so many projects going on at the same time that i is often easy for one to be forgotten – like the fact that it is currently building a big battery cathode material factory in Texas. A ...

Tesla Model 3 owner files lawsuit over “phantom braking” issue

A Tesla Model 3 owner has filed a lawsuit against the electric vehicle maker over experiences with his car’s “phantom braking.” The suit was filed in the District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday. The plaintiff ...

Tesla files to build new battery manufacturing line at Fremont Factory

Tesla battery manufacturing efforts Rearranging at the Fremont Factory Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has filed to build a new battery manufacturing equipment line at the Fremont Factory in Northern California. The factory, which Tesla purchased in 2010, is the only ...

Boulder City Police shares why they bought 4 Teslas and a Mach E GT

The Boulder City Police Department purchased several new EVs for its fleet and we recently reported on the purchase of its Tesla Model Ys. Boulder City purchased the new EVs with a small portion of the American Rescue Plan ...

Tesla FSD tricked into stopping early by oversized stop signs

Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) technology is impressive, but its trajectory has been anything but smooth. Since its inception, several crashes, exorbitant costs, and no officially defined release date have plagued the tech. Now, Tesla has another FSD bug ...


Tesla faces class-action lawsuit over Autopilot’s phantom braking problem

Dissatisfied Tesla Owners in Norway Launch Hunger Strike

Tesla hit with proposed class-action over phantom braking issue

Tesla puts its vehicles to the test in 122 degree heat in Dubai

This Tesla SpaceX Electric Hypercar Is Built Around Two Huge Rockets

Tesla shares stunning images of extreme heat and durability testing in Dubai

The Porsche Taycan Just Defeated the Tesla Model S Plaid’s Nürburgring Record

Norwegian Tesla owners reportedly staging hunger strike over issues

New York trial lawyer joins Tesla’s hardcore litigation team

Royal Caribbean will be the first in the cruise industry to adopt Starlink

Mary Barra confident in GM’s self-driving vehicle tech and goal to beat Tesla in EVs

Insurance company faked a Tesla battery fire to prove batteries catch fire

Tesla FSD Beta v10.69.2 rolls out to all 100K testers next week

Tesla battery fire and crash were faked by insurance company in bizarre showcase

Rivian rolls out Camp Mode in latest software update: First impressions

Twitter lawyer dubs Musk’s latest filing as “invalid and wrongful”

Musk 'focused' on wide release of self-driving Teslas

Tesla China’s Model Y RWD delivery date estimate falls to just 1-4 weeks

Reused SpaceX rocket completes 57th operational Starlink launch

Tesla formally hits 100 Supercharger stations in Beijing alone

A group of Tesla owners claims to go on hunger strike for Elon Musk’s attention, but there’s more

Tesla's EVs To Connect To Starlink's Future Cellular Satellites

Watch: Confirmed fake Tesla Model S “battery fire” video from AXA Insurance

Tesla Submits Permit To Produce Batteries On New Lines At Fremont

Watch Fake Tesla Battery Fire Performed By An Insurance Company

Elon Musk gives Tesla Giga Berlin’s progress a seal of approval

Tesla FSD Beta testers’ strikes for forced disengagement counts get reset

Toyota Readies Tesla Model 3 Fighter

Tesla Model Y deliveries commence in Singapore

Herbert Diess bids farewell to Volkswagen on his final day as CEO

Toyota to triple its planned investment in US EV battery factory

BYD shares tumble after Berkshire Hathaway divestment

Tesla (TSLA) is facing ‘unprecedented demand’

The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop in action (Video)

Louisiana dealers not to happy with Tesla’s lawsuit

Aptera opens investment round to start production of solar-powered car

CA wants to make it illegal for Tesla to label FSD as FSD

WeaveGrid launches evPulse for PG&E customers that own EVs

Boulder City PD EV takes delivery of 2 Tesla Model Ys & will launch EV pilot program

Tesla and local EV makers are leaving veteran auto in China’s electric car segment

Tesla Canada factory rumors fueled by public documents about permits 

Tesla tops 2022 J.D. Power Tech Experience Study, but gets no award

NASA awards SpaceX five more Dragon astronaut launch contracts

Tesla’s California VPP is proving its mettle yet again

Lucid Motors is looking to raise $8 billion more in planned mixed shelf offering

Tesla Supercharger prices jump sharply, as network expansion plan hits delays

Over 80% of Twitter accounts are likely bots: Former FBI security specialist

Norway Tesla owners go to extreme lengths to make Elon Musk aware of their complaints

Tesla FSD Beta tester makes parody of Dan O’Dowd’s anti-FSD ad that’s actually accurate

Tesla California Virtual Power Plant crosses the 3,500-home mark

Tesla (TSLA) scouts factory sites in Quebec and Ontario

Tesla could build new battery assembly at Fremont

Tesla Touts Extreme Heat & Durability Testing In Dubai, With A Camel

Wall Street Analyst Visits Tesla Factory, Cites "Unprecedented Demand"

Ford’s second EV pickup will be designed and developed from scratch

Tesla FSD Beta Tester Parodies Dan O'Dowd: Will FSD Mow Down Kids?

Tesla visits graphite mine and factory in Quebec

Volkswagen’s new CEO plans to do exactly what got Herbert Diess axed

VW Will Accelerate EV Shift Hoping To Overtake Tesla By 2025

Enter today to win a Tesla Model S Plaid and hit 60 mph in 2 seconds