SpaceX Starship booster test triggers explosion, pad fire

A SpaceX Super Heavy booster was rocked by a substantial explosion and subjected to multiple fires at the launch pad during the rocket’s latest round of testing. As of 9 pm CDT, July 11th, the fate of the upgraded Super ...

SpaceX begins launching new shell of polar Starlink satellites

SpaceX has begun launching a new group of Starlink satellites that will eventually create a ‘shell’ of near-polar communications satellites capable of serving some of the most remote customers on Earth. Known as Starlink Group 3-1, the mission was also ...

Elon Musk & Everyday Astronaut share detailed tour of SpaceX Raptor 2 engine

Elon Musk gave Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, a detailed tour of SpaceX’s Raptor 2 engine. It’s a lovely Saturday and a great day for another one of the Everyday Astronaut’s interviews with Elon Musk to drop. Tim Dodd ...

SpaceX closing in on South Korean Moon launch

After years of development and delays, South Korea has completed its first deep space spacecraft and sent it on its way to the United States. Once it arrives in Florida, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) – recently christened “Danuri” ...

SpaceX sends Starship prototype to launch pad after engine installation

After several weeks of work back at SpaceX’s Starbase rocket factory, the company has transported a new and improved Starship prototype to nearby test and launch facilities, where it joined a similarly upgraded Super Heavy booster. That Starship prototype – ...

Tesla’s Solar Range Extender with Starlink prototype could save lives during disasters

Solar, Starlink & Disasters Another Idea For Starlink & Communications Climate Change Will Force Millions From Their Homes In The Next 30 Years. Tesla’s recent prototype of a solar range extender trailer with Starlink will be a game-changer for ...

SpaceX outfits Starship, Super Heavy with dozens of Raptor engines

New photos shared by SpaceX show that the company has nearly finished installing a total of 39 upgraded Raptor engines on a new Starship and its Super Heavy booster. Those prototypes – known as Ship 24 and Booster 7 – ...

SpaceX eyes several Starlink launches in July

A SpaceX drone ship has headed to sea for the first of up to five Starlink launches planned in July. Drone ship Just Read The Instructions (JRTI) was towed out of Port Canaveral, Florida on July 2nd, shifting setting ...

SpaceX wins FCC approval to connect Starlink satellites to moving vehicles

Eleven months after SpaceX submitted several applications, the FCC has given the company permission to connect moving vehicles to its constellation of Starlink internet satellites. The license means that all United States Starlink users will now be able to ...

Tesla “defective” door handle case dropped by South Korean police

Back in June 2021, South Korea’s Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty pressed charges against Elon Musk and Tesla for allegedly violating the country’s Motor Vehicle Management Act. According to the group, the “hidden” door handles of Tesla’s electric cars ...

SpaceX Cargo Dragon launch slips to mid-July

NASA and SpaceX have decided to delay the company’s next Cargo Dragon launch a third time after discovering a small propellant leak near one of its thrusters. NASA announced the discovery of a possible leak on June 7th, a few ...

SpaceX completes 35th Falcon 9 launch in 33 weeks

SpaceX has successfully launched the SES-22 communications satellite to a geostationary transfer orbit, ending the first half of 2022 with 27 orbital launches under its belt. Perhaps more importantly, SES-22 was also SpaceX’s 35th launch since its last multi-week launch ...

Texas Rep. asks Elon Musk to work with gov’t to improve the US’ power grid

Troy Nehls, a U.S. Representative for Fort Bend County, Texas, wrote a letter asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk to work with government officials to strengthen the United States’ power grids and ensure their long-term resiliency and affordability. Nehls had ...

SpaceX, ULA targeting back-to-back geostationary launches

SpaceX and competitor United Launch Alliance (ULA) are on track to launch their Falcon 9 and Atlas V rockets less than 25 hours apart. Slightly delayed from its initial target of June 27th or 28th, SpaceX confirmed on Tuesday that ...

SpaceX to surpass weekly launch target in first half of 2022

SpaceX is on track to surpass CEO Elon Musk’s weekly launch target in the first half of 2022 with one final launch scheduled in June, While still awaiting SpaceX’s official confirmation, the company appears to be on track to ...

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket’s NASA Psyche launch delayed to 2023

NASA says that its mission to the asteroid 16 Psyche will no longer be able to launch in 2022 after engineers were unable to verify the readiness of the spacecraft’s software. What could amount to being a few weeks ...

Tesla China launches compelling ICE-to-EV trade-in program

Tesla’s order books in China may already be long, as hinted at by the delivery estimates of the locally-made Model 3 and Model Y, but the electric vehicle company is still aggressively pushing to get more customers. To get ...

SpaceX installs Super Heavy booster on launch mount with giant robot arms

SpaceX has transported the most powerful rocket booster ever assembled to its Starbase orbital launch site (OLS) and used giant robotic arms to install it. It’s not the first such trip for Starship’s Super Heavy first stage in general, nor ...

Audi CEO Duesmann pushes back against politicians opposing ICE ban

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann is pushing against politicians in Europe who oppose the bans internal combustion engine ban in 2035 while resolidifying his company’s plans to only offer fully-electric vehicles from 2026 on. “Our plan for phasing out combustion ...

SpaceX’s record-breaking Falcon 9 booster returns to port

SpaceX’s latest record-breaking Falcon 9 booster has returned to port after completing its 13th launch and landing. Falcon 9 B1060 lifted off for the first time in June 2020 with the US military’s third next-generation GPS III satellite safely cocooned ...

SpaceX gets permit for “Project Echo” in Central Texas

On June 6, 2022, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved a permit for a SpaceX construction project called “Project Echo.” The construction is located in Bastrop County, Central Texas, where Elon Musk’s other companies—including The Boring Company and Neuralink—have ...

SpaceX to attempt to crush Starship test tank

A week after rolling a different ‘test tank’ from its South Texas Starship factory to nearby launch and test facilities, SpaceX has moved a second test tank to the pad. Hearkening back to a period in 2020 where SpaceX built ...

SpaceX launches three Falcon 9 rockets in 36 hours

SpaceX has successfully completed three Falcon 9 launches in just over 36 hours, highlighting the company’s continuous push towards ever-higher launch cadences in 2022. In February, shortly after a NASA oversight panelist revealed that SpaceX was targeting 52 launches in ...

GM to hike Hummer EV prices by $6,250 on Saturday

General Motors said earlier today it would increase the price of its Hummer EV, manufactured under the GMC brand, by $6,250. Price hikes are effective starting this Saturday. GM said the increase in price was due to higher prices ...

Elon Musk hints Tesla could bring back Enhanced Autopilot worldwide

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted on Twitter earlier today that he is likely to bring back Enhanced Autopilot as an option for those interested in a more immersive semi-autonomous driving experience than Basic Autopilot, but are unwilling to pay ...

Tesla Insurance expands to Nevada, now covers nine U.S. states

Tesla’s in-house insurance program has officially expanded to Nevada. It marks the ninth U.S. state to be covered by the electric automaker’s competitively priced insurance product. Nevada joins Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia as states ...

Tesla’s most prolific short-seller Jim Chanos claims TSLA investors are overlooking a big risk

During a recent appearance at a podcast this week, famed short seller Jim Chanos claimed that Tesla investors are overlooking something very risky about the company. Chanos noted that today, Tesla resembles Cisco Systems back in 1999, a company ...

Rivian’s Normal, Il plant to deliver vehicles charged with on-site wind turbine

Rivian R1 vehicles coming from the company’s Normal, Il plant will soon be delivered to customers with a battery fully charged from wind energy. This is due to the company’s plans to build a large-scale wind turbine at its ...

SpaceX President explains termination of employees behind open letter criticizing Elon Musk’s tweets

Recently, news broke that some SpaceX employees have written an open letter criticizing CEO Elon Musk’s behavior on Twitter. The employees have been terminated by the private space firm, with SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell explaining the rationale behind the ...

SpaceX to kick off launch triple-header with record-breaking Falcon reuse

SpaceX appears to be on track to launch a trio of Falcon 9 rockets in as few as 36 hours, beginning with a Starlink mission on June 17th. Enabled in part by delays to an unrelated Cargo Dragon launch ...

Tesla Chief Designer’s sustainable materials company teases luxury vegan interior

Teslas are premium vehicles and their tech stands far beyond the competition, but some of their more traditional components — such as the materials used in their interiors — are typically not on par with those utilized by legacy ...

Early Tesla Model S road warrior successfully passes 1 million mile mark

It was just another milestone for a legendary Tesla Model S road warrior, but it was a giant leap forward for electric vehicles as a whole. In recent social media posts, Germany-based Tesla owner Hansjörg Gemmingen revealed that his ...

Tesla offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia

Tesla is offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia, after announcing that it will start shipping Model Y and Model 3 vehicles with Tesla Vision to both countries. According to Tesla’s website in New Zealand, Enhanced Autopilot will cost ...

Elon Musk answers Twitter workers questions about remote work and free speech

Remote Work at Twitter Free Speech on Twitter Elon Musk answered a few questions from Twitter workers. He specifically talked about remote work and free speech at the virtual meeting. Remote Work at Twitter Musk outlined a remote work ...

Nio launches a Model Y competitor with the ES7 SUV

On Wednesday, Chinese EV automaker Nio launched its new ES7 sports utility vehicle, as the competition within China’s EV sector continues to heat up. This is the first SUV application of the “Design for Autonomous Driving (AD).” This will be ...

SpaceX considers second Crew Dragon launch pad to reduce risk from Starship

Reuters reports that SpaceX has proposed modifying a second Florida launch pad to support Crew Dragon missions after NASA raised concerns about the threat posed by plans to launch Starship out of the only pad currently certified for Dragon. After ...

Elon Musk wants to reach 1 billion daily users on Twitter

Elon Musk shared his goal to reach 1 billion Twitter users during an all hands virtual meeting with workers on Thursday, June 16. According to Yahoo Finance tech editor Dan Howley, Twitter currently has 229 million daily active users, which the ...

GM says the Cadillac Celestiq will be built at $81M tech center

General Motors announced that the recently-teased Cadillac Celestiq, its ultra-luxury sedan, will be built at GM’s $81 million Detroit-based Global Technical Center. GM has shared more details about the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq, what is being called an ultra-luxury electric ...

Tesla Insurance to reach New Jersey and Florida

Tesla Insurance seems ready to expand to New Jersey and Florida based on filings in both states. In New Jersey, Tesla has three companies filed under the state’s list of licensed insurance carriers. In its list, the NJ Department of ...

Elon Musk coverts Endeavor options into 7,583 shares as he prepares to exit board

Elon Musk filed a Form 4 with the Securities Exchange Commission, converting his options at Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc. to 7,583 shares on June 13, 2022. Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc. offers entertainment content through its subsidiaries. It specializes in marketing ...


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Tesla hiring 500-600 staff a month at Gigafactory Berlin: Economy Minister

Elon Musk shares sincere thanks to Tesla’s employees in recent email

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Toyota faces stern critique from European funds for its lackluster EV strategy

Tesla Giga Berlin is producing nearly 1,000 vehicles per week: Elon Musk 

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Tesla Model Y orders start in Australia and Japan

Rimac secures $537m in new investment round with Goldman Sachs, Softbank

Nikola Tre wins eligibility for $185k New York Truck Voucher Incentive

Tesla China is aiming to produce 71k vehicles this June: report