Rivian CEO believes battery supply chain will be the next disaster

A year ago, auto industry execs generally believed we’d be emerging from the tempest of astounding vehicle prices, the chip shortage and the supply chain crisis, and we might start feeling the welcome warmth of a return to normalcy. ...

Rivian plans to lay off hundreds of non-manufacturing employees

Rivian is reportedly planning to lay off hundreds of workers. While the company hasn’t made a firm decision on mass job cuts, according to , it may shed around 5% of the workforce. With a headcount of more than ...

Rivian leads EV stock slump after investors shun money losers

Even a breakthrough US climate bill designed to encourage sales of electric cars has failed to revive investor interest in Rivian Automotive Inc., as the risk-hungry traders who catapulted its shares to dizzying heights last year shun companies for ...

Rivian marks over $1.7 billion in losses over Q2 2022

The US electric car start-up Rivian posted a net loss of 1.71 billion US dollars in the second quarter of 2022. However, Rivian was able to significantly increase production – and is also sticking to its annual target of ...

Rivian cuts 6% of its workforce and simplifies product plans

Rivian Automotive is cutting about 6% of its workforce and simplifying product plans, saying the economy has made it harder for the electric-vehicle maker to raise money to build up production. The Irvine, California-based company confirmed the cuts Wednesday ...

Future Rivian Plans Include Something Cool Called the ‘Adventure Van’

Is Rivian making a new model? Why isn’t Rivian using the Amazone Prime vans for the camper?  What do we know about the Rivian Adventure Van? Does anyone make a factory overland camper? Camper vans took over the internet ...

Rivian to cut jobs down by 6%

Rivian grew too fast Rivian hopes to build 25,000 vehicles this year Rivian is planning to cut around 6% of its workforce, Bloomberg reported. The automaker wants to simplify its product plans and said that the economy had made ...

Rivian Just Added a Pet Comfort Mode

What is the Pet Comfort mode? The R1T might be the perfect EV truck The R1S is an electric adventure vehicle Traveling with pets is becoming more popular than ever, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. This ...

Rivian is Laying Off Around 800 Employees

Rivian to Focus on ‘Key Business Priorities’ Following Layoffs Rivian CEO Apologizes to Departing Employees The 2009-founded electric vehicle automaker is letting go of 6% of its workforce. Amid talks of a recession in the US, EV automaker Rivian ...

Rivian Cuts 6 Percent Of Workforce, Factory Employees Excepted

Over 800 employees will be affected by the restructuring aimed at better aligning Rivian's headcount with business priorities.

Rivian (RIVN) announces 6% cut in its workforce to focus on production ramp

Rivian (RIVN) announced this week that it is laying off 6% of its workforce in order to focus on its electric pickup truck production ramp. Over the last few months, many tech companies have announced layoffs in reaction to ...

Rivian to cut 6% of workforce

In order to focus on their production ramp up, US EV startup Rivian has announced that it going to make some major cuts to its workforce. Considering the company employs around 14,000 employees, the 6 per cent would affect ...

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Rivian R1T: The Closest Finish in MT History

F-150 Lightning vs R1T: Spec Showdown Living with the Rivian R1T and F-150 Lightning Which Pickup Is Better Off-Road? Battle of the Beds Towing Showdown Which Electric Truck Has the Better Driver Assist Systems? Charging the F-150 Lightning and ...

Amazon, Ford Post Q2 Losses Of $3.9B, 2.4B On Their Rivian Stock

This year alone, Amazon lost $11.5 billion and Ford Motor Company $7.5 billion on their Rivian holdings.

Watch Walmart Employee “Maneuver” Shopping Carts Into Rivian R1T

Fortunately, the Gear Guard Video monitoring system captured the incident, offering proof that Walmart is responsible for the damages.

2025 Rivian Adventure Van: The Electric Off-Road Camper of Your Dreams

WHAT IT IS: Despite #vanlife completely dominating our Instagram algorithms for a spell, no automaker has yet delivered a factory-ready overlanding camper van. That’ll change with the release of the Rivian Adventure Van, which our illustration attempts to bring to ...

Amazon hits road with first of 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans

CHICAGO: Amazon is ready to hit the road across the US with the first of its custom-made Rivian electric delivery vans, and a lot may be riding on it for both companies. Rivian CEO and founder R.J. Scaringe and ...

Rivian's Commercial Vehicle Lineup To Add Cargo And Work Vans: CEO

Rivian is also planning a family of smaller commercial vehicles, which could share some components with the upcoming R2 series of EVs.

How Fast Does the Rivian R1T Go?

How fast does the Rivian R1T go? The Rivian R1T is made for adventure Is the Rivian R1T the best electric truck? The Rivian R1T is a historic American pickup truck. American pickup trucks have built a reputation of ...

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Top Speed Test

How fast can an electric pickup truck go?

Rivian CEO aims to build a million electric vehicles in 2030

US electric vehicle (EV) startup Rivian is aiming to produce one million EVs annually by 2030 despite recent production and supply chain challenges. In a recent interview with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, Reuters reports the EV startup is hoping to ...

Rivian R1T: Here’s How to Get Yours Delivered in Around 6 to 8 Weeks

Production issues cause pre-orders to be delayed for the Rivian R1T Rivian offers customers another solution What you get for the money with the Rivian R1T Rivian has experienced production issues for a while. Some of those can be ...

2023 Rivian R1S EV SUV: Release Date, Price, & Specs

When is the Rivian R1S release date? What is the range of the Rivian R1S? Rivian R1S standard interior features How much will the Rivian R1S cost? Rivian RS1 reviews are in – what’s the verdict? There’s a new ...

Rivian’s Amazon EV Vans Are on the Way

The testing is over, and the production vans are shipping out this week.

Could Rivian Be Heading Toward E-Bike Production?

Delays have become standard for Rivian Why e-bikes could be the future for Rivian Current Rivian vehicles in production Electric vehicle startup Rivian has recently taken steps that hint at a potential future in electric bikes. The company is ...

Amazon is putting Rivians delivery vans on the road

Amazon has begun using Rivian electric vans to deliver packages in the US. The launch will take place in more than a dozen cities, including Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Nashville, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle and St Louis. Thousands ...

Rivian’s Amazon EV delivery van will drop packages in 100 cities by end of 2022

Amazon announced this morning that its Rivian Electric Delivery Vans (EDVs) will make deliveries in over 100 cities across the United States by the end of the year. Rivian plans to have EDVs operational in 100,000 U.S. cities by ...

Amazon’s Electric Delivery Vehicles From Rivian Start Rolling Out Across the US

Amazon’s custom built electric delivery vehicles from Rivian have started rolling out across the US, in cities such as  Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City. This rollout is just the beginning of what is expected to be thousands of Amazon’s custom ...

Rivian Electric Vans Are Now Delivering Packages In Several Major US Cities

Amazon wants to have them at work in 100 cities by the end of the year.

EV Startup Rivian Faces Job Cuts

The honeymoon is over… Many a media outlet, both automotive and otherwise, has been absolutely fawning over Rivian. That was true back when the startup automaker barely had a proof of concept, a phenomena which is always weird and should ...

Owners report Rivian delaying Canadian deliveries until 2023

A number of prospective Canadian electric-truck buyers have been taking to the Internet to complain about delays allegedly being announced by American EV-maker Rivian. jQuery(function(){ if (typeof jwplayer_load == typeof indefined) { var jwplayer_load = 1; jQuery(window).load(function(){ jQuery(".sc_video_shortcode_jwplayer").each(function(){ var _this ...

Amazon and Rivian electric vans hit the road

Amazon and Rivian hope the partnership will deliver 100,000 electric delivery vehicles by 2030. Amazon and electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian have started to roll out their electric delivery vehicles across the US, with plans to bring “thousands” to more ...

Rivian R1T Is Quietly Impressive During Tractor Pull

Chances are the crowd gathered at the event and typically used to a lot more noise didn’t even know it was going on.

The Rivian Membership Program Is Amazing: Tesla and F-150 Lightning Customers, Are You Jealous?

What are the benefits of the Rivian Membership program? How much does the Rivian Membership program cost? Advantages of the Rivian Membership program over Tesla, Ford, and other EV programs What does the future hold for other automaker benefits ...

The Ford F-150 Lightning Can’t Catch the Rivian R1T

The 2022 Rivian R1T outsells the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Is the R1T better than the F-150 Lighting? Does the F-150 Lightning or R1T have better features? The official numbers are in, and the Rivian R1T is currently the ...

I Bought a Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck (and It Was Torture)

I will start this by saying I have zero buyer’s remorse. Within about a day of driving the Rivian R1T—even in unfinished pre-production form, as was the case on our cross-country, Trans-America Trail journey—I knew I simply had to have ...

Rivian Holding Meeting Friday About Restructuring And Layoffs

Company CEO RJ Scaringe sent an email to employees about the upcoming meeting.

Job cuts for Rivian employees, confirms CEO

Photo / Supplied Electric car brand Rivian has been facing issues lately, with a 2021 fourth quarter loss of $3.4 billion due to production issues, triggering a sharp fall in its share price. Automakers have faced multiple challenges over ...

Rivian and XPEL to offer factory direct paint protection film to R1 customers

Rivian chose XPEL, Inc. as an exclusive supplier for its new paint protection film (PPF) factory direct program. “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to bring our proprietary design methodology and state-of-the-art paint protection films to Rivian customers as ...


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