The MC20 is Maserati's first supercar in over 15 years, and you can win one here

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Maserati MC20 GT2 Marks The Brand's Return To GT2 Racing

It will hit the race tracks in 2023.

Maserati MC20 GT2 racing car confirmed for 2023

The Maserati MC20 supercar will be transformed for the SRO’s Fanatec GT2 European Series Championship

Hongqi S9, 2024 Honda Prologue, 2023 Maserati MC20 GT2: Today's Car News

Chinese luxury brand Hongqi is set to launch a range of high-end vehicles, starting with a hypercar penned by Walter de Silva. The hypercar features a V-8-based plug-in hybrid powertrain good for 1,400 hp, and will be built at ...

Maserati MC20 GT2 puts the brand back on track

Following in the footsteps of the iconic MC12, Maserati has announced the track-only MC20 GT2

Project24: Maserati reveals hardcore, track-only version of the MC20

Photos / Supplied Maserati has detailed its bonkers new Project24 supercar. Based on its red hot MC20 supercar, the new model turns the dial all the way up. The machine is so hardcore you can’t legally drive it on ...

Maserati confirms return to GT2 racing

Maserati MC20-based racer with slick aero package is spiritual successor to MC12 GT1. A racing version of the Maserati MC20 supercar has been announced ahead of the 2023 Fanatec GT2 European Series, kitted out in an aggressive carbonfibre aero ...

Maserati presents the Project24 - 700 hp track-focused super sports car

It’s so extreme that even the passenger seat is optional Maserati recently presented the Project24, a limited series super sports car (referred to by a codename) to further raise the brand’s presence in the supercar scene. The Two-seater non-road-homologated car ...

Maserati returns to sportscar racing with MC20 GT2 racer

It'll race at the Fanatec GT2 European Series Championship in 2023.

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore – high-performance electric GT comes into focus

The next Maserati GranTurismo won’t just be available with the Nettuno V6, but a triple-motor EV too

Maserati MC20 to go racing, starting with GT2 European Series

Maserati has been adamant that its MC20 will go racing, and on Tuesday the automaker confirmed the first competition for the mid-engine supercar. A new MC20 GT2 race car is being developed and will be made available to customer ...

Maserati Building Track-Only Project24 Supercar

Maserati is building on its MC20 supercar by unveiling a limited run super sportscar known only by the codename Project24. The non-road-homologated track-only car starts its life as a MC20 but comes thoroughly enhanced. This, of course, starts with ...

Maserati's Project24 is a track-only variant of its MC20 supercar

Maserati is continuing its supercar resurgence with the recent announcement it has a track-only vehicle, codenamed “Project24,” in the works. jQuery(function(){ if (typeof jwplayer_load == typeof indefined) { var jwplayer_load = 1; jQuery(window).load(function(){ jQuery(".sc_video_shortcode_jwplayer").each(function(){ var _this = $(this); jQuery.get(jQuery(this).attr("url"), function(data, ...

2023 Maserati GranTurismo Folgore spied testing

Maserati is working on the all-electric Folgore version of the next-generation GranTurismo

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX, Maserati GranTurismo Folgore, Wyn Design: Car News Headlines

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a sleek electric sedan with an air-cooled battery pack, 900-volt electrical architecture, and real-world range of well over 600 miles. Find out what it’s like to drive in our in-depth review. A prototype for ...

Maserati unveils track-only Project24 with 551kW

Maserati caught us by surprise this week with the confirmation of a track-only special codenamed the Project24, which is designed to showcase a new-found endeavour as a maker of specialised track-eaters. Maserati is yet to spill the beans on the ...

Limited edition Maserati Project24 track car unveiled

Maserati Project 24 front Maserati Project 24 rear Maserati Project 24 overhead Based on Maserati MC20 supercar Powered by 730bhp twin turbo V6 engine Production limited to just 62 examples Maserati has released some teaser images of its new, ...

Maserati Project24: An irate track car with Italian flair

It inherits some specification of the Maserati MC20.

730bhp Maserati Project 24 Is A Very Exclusive Track Toy - Only 62 Units Will Be Made

Italian supercar manufacturer Maserati has revealed the track-only Project 24. The Maserati Project 24 is based on the MC20 supercar and is limited to just 62 units. The all-new Maserati Project 24 is based on the Italian marque’s MC20 sports ...

Maserati Project24 track car concept revealed

The new track-only Maserati Project24 is based on the MC20 with an 81kW boost. There have been plenty of track-only hypercars to come out of Italy in recent years with Pagani, Ferrari and Lamborghini all getting in on the ...

Maserati Project 24: Track special revealed

Maserati has turned up the wick on its MC20 supercar to create a track-only special. Power in the Project 24 comes from a version of the 3.0-litre Nettuno twin-turbo V6 engine in the MC20 making 552kW of power, sent to ...

Maserati Project24: 544kW track car previewed

Maserati has previewed an upcoming track-only version of the MC20 sports car, the Project24. Just 62 units of the Maserati Project24 will be produced, featuring a modified version of the Ferrari-built Nettuno twin-turbo V6 engine with 544kW of power – ...

Maserati to make track car that goes beyond MC20 performance

MODENA: Maserati presented Project24 last week, introducing a limited series of super sports car for the track. Only 62 units would be built. The extreme track-only car inherits the specifications of the MC20, enhancing it with technical specifications that ...

Maserati Project24: New Italian Track-Only Special by Centro Stile

Maserati has a rich history of building race cars with a rich history of victories in Formula One, FIA GT1, and even two wins at the Indianapolis 500. While the brand plans on entering in the next season of Formula ...

Maserati MC20 spawns wild Project24 track car packing 730 hp

Masereati on Friday provided a first look at a wild track car the company is preparing based on the MC20 supercar. Currently doing the rounds under the code name Project24, the track car hasn’t been developed to meet any ...

Maserati Is Building a Track-Only MC20 With 740 HP

Called the Project24, it's limited to just 62 units, and uses an entirely new set of carbon fiber body panels.

Maserati MC20 Morphs into 740-Horsepower Project24 Track Weapon

The Project24 features bespoke carbon fiber bodywork covered in aerodynamic doodads and an upgraded twin-turbo V-6, with a 62-unit production run planned.

Maserati announces limited‑run 740PS track car

Maserati’s CEO Davide Grasso dropped hints of this at the launch of the company’s new ‘Fogolore’ electrification strategy, saying something of a successor to the Maserati MC12 might be on the cards, but we weren’t sure when it would surface. ...

Maserati’s Project24 is a Limited Edition, Tricked Out MC20

The Maserati MC20 recently made headlines with the Cielo spyder variant– something we’d love to get behind the wheel of. That’s still the case, but now the Trident has put out renderings of another MC20 we really want to ...

The New Italian Track Special: Maserati Unveils The Project24

Maserati has unveiled their new MC20-based track special Project24, with only 62 units set to be produced. The Project24 is meant solely for the race track (it’s not road legal) and Maserati has no plans to homologate it for road ...

Maserati Project24 Debuts As MC20 Track Car Making 740 HP

Maserati wants it to weigh less than 2,756 pounds.

Maserati announces track-only 730bhp Project24 racer

Motorsport MC20 supercar gets a new set of lungs and some serious bodywork Maserati has announced it is to build just 62 versions of the MC20 supercar that won’t be fit for the public highway. Welcome to the latest in ...

Sketches preview Maserati Project24 track-only special based on the MC20

729bhp track car set to explore the full potential of Maserati’s brilliant MC20 supercar

New Maserati Project24 is an extreme track-only hypercar

The new track-only Maserati Project24 is based on the MC20 and arrives with 740bhp

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore Spied Up Close Riding Low To The Ground

It will be out next year with a tri-motor setup.

Maserati MC20 Unleashes 630 HP In 0-186 MPH Autobahn Run

This is one capable Italian supercar.

What Is the Fastest Maserati SUV?

The Maserati Levante Trofeo is the fastest Maserati SUV Is the Maserati Levante Trofeo worth the money? The Maserati Levante Trofeo is a reminder of the age of the V8 Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer that produces ...

Osca MT4: Maserati in miniature

For the latest classic car news, features, buyer’s guides and classifieds, sign up to the C&SC newsletter here Everyone loves a giant-killer, an underdog who trounces the big guns. The Osca MT4 was just such a junior sports-racer, the creation ...

2022 Maserati MC20: Original Photos From Every Angle

View Photos of the 2022 Maserati MC20

The MC20 Is Unlike Any Other Maserati Before

Can Maserati conjure its gilded past? We search for answers on the California coast.


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Maserati keeps key safety tech on options list for $400,000-plus model

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