Alfa Romeo: Where It Came From, Where It’s Going

The 112-year-old company has done it all, plans to keep doing it.

How to save over R5,000 per year on car insurance with Hippo

Hippo is South Africa’s leading insurance comparison platform, and new research shows why it is so popular. Research by KLA – commissioned by Hippo – found that consumers can save an average of R5,000 per year by comparing car ...

New DS 7 ÉLYSÉE at the service of French Presidency on Bastille Day

Image: DS Automobiles Image: DS Automobiles French President Emmanuel Macron had the opportunity of sampling the best local automotive luxury of his country after being ferried around in the new DS 7 ÉLYSÉE to celebrate Bastille Day for the ...

Porsche Launches Custom Colored … Ice Cream?

Porsche celebrates National Ice Cream Day with special treats.

TopAuto launches “Get A Quote” car insurance portal

How to get a quote Save money Leading South African automotive website TopAuto has launched its “Get A Quote” car insurance portal. This online tool has been built to save you time and money by helping you find the ...

Plan your holiday with the TopAuto Driving Cost Calculator

One of the biggest factors you need to consider when planning a holiday is its cost. This is especially important because of skyrocketing fuel prices, which make many people think twice about long-distance road trips. Leading motoring website TopAuto, ...

Gas Prices Keep Dropping, but Not to 2021 Levels

Despite higher demand, a drop in the price of oil produces a welcome respite from $5 a gallon gasoline.

The best way to advertise to South African car enthusiasts

TopAuto is the best place to advertise your brand to a large audience of South African car enthusiasts. This is because it reaches over 500,000 local readers per month, making it one of South Africa’s most popular automotive news ...

Tesla’s Sales Were Up 46.3% in the First Half—but That Was Globally

Ford’s first-half US sales fell 8.1% year-over-year, and VW was down 29.8%.

Anti-Speeding Tech Is Now Mandatory in European Union

Required on all new cars sold in the EU, the Intelligent Speed Assistance technology will alert and slow speeding drivers.

The easiest way to compare car prices

TopAuto is the best automotive news website in South Africa thanks to its rich content offering that reaches an audience of over 500,000. Alongside its popular news and review articles, it has several other features that its visitors find ...

VW-Funded Northvolt Expands with $1.1 Billion Investment

With support from the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Swedish battery producer will heighten production and build new facilities.

Gas Prices Are Coming Down, but for How Long?

Most of the summer travel is still ahead, even if the big summer travel holidays are in the rearview mirror.

Still a Sellers’ Market, Even as New Vehicle Sales Fall in the First Half of ‘22

GM retakes the number one spot from Toyota North America—by falling not as far.

Hybrids Lead Q2 Sales for Toyota

Despite an industry-wide slowdown, Toyota managed to sell a significant number of hybrid models with a positive year-to-date rate.

TopAuto sets traffic record – over 500,000 readers

TopAuto broke its audience record in June 2022, passing 500,000 unique South African browsers for the first time. The impressive achievement cements TopAuto’s position as a leader in the motoring industry. Since its launch in 2020, TopAuto has grown ...

TopAuto smashes 500,000 views

TopAuto broke its audience record in June 2022, passing 500,000 unique South African browsers for the first time. The impressive achievement cements TopAuto’s position as a leader in the motoring industry. Since its launch in 2020, TopAuto has grown ...

Toyota back on top after positive sales month in June 2022

Image: Toyota New passenger vehicle sales in June 2022 reflected a staggering 20,9% increase from the year before with Toyota recording the most sales in the market managing a total of 7 439 units during the month. Image: Toyota ...

Supreme Court Starts Gutting EPA; Could Your Car’s Emissions Be Next?

Decision on power plants could pave the way to further declaw Federal clean air agency.

Motus invests in new multi-franchise dealership in Pretoria

Motus have opened the doors to a new multi-franchise dealership in the heart of Pretoria. Click here for more information about Motus The all-new Menlyn Multi-Franchise dealership will include individual retail locations for Nissan, Renault, Hyundai and Kia as ...

JD Power Initial Quality Study Sees Problems Hit a 36-Year High

Initial Quality Survey covers Tesla for first time, but sees supply chain issues pointing to an increase in problems across all new cars.

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The top way to position your brand

The best way to position your brand as a leader in 2022 is through digital marketing. According to the 2022 Broad Media digital marketing report, online articles and reviews get the most interest of all marketing channels and are ...

Big Trucks Will Cost You in District of Columbia

Annual registration fees have gone up, especially for vehicles weighing at least 6000 pounds.

TopAuto makes the advertising process quick and easy

TopAuto is the best place to advertise your brand, products, and promotions. This is because of its large audience and its incredible marketing team that takes care of all aspects of your campaign. TopAuto’s marketing team makes it easy ...

WATCH: Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 300 shrugs off explosive barrage

Toyota’s are commonly referred to as being bulletproof, but this armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 300 takes that to the literal extent as Inkas Armored Vehicles Manufacturing demonstrates in this video. Inkas Armored Vehicles Manufacturing have provided some insight behind ...

The best company to take care of all your marketing needs

The best way to boost sales and create awareness about your new products is through online marketing. This is according to a recent survey by Broad Media, which found that digital marketing was, by a clear margin, the most ...

Future electric Lambos will still “Look Like Spaceships”

Image: Lamborghini Electrification, at this point, is inevitable but cars needn’t look any less exciting than the gasoline powered combustion chambers in which their bodywork envelops. This has been confirmed by senior Lamborghini design boss who claims their electrified ...

After 40 Years, Vincent Chin’s Death Remains Deeply Troubling

He died because change can inspire rage. But his murder didn’t alter the course of an auto industry in turmoil.

10 Safest Midsize SUVs and Crossovers for 2022

Bigger isn't always safer, but when it comes to side impacts, most mid-sized SUVs outperform their smaller counterparts.

Big plans for the Prancing Horse with 15 new cars planned by 2026

Image: Ferrari That’s right, 15 new cars by 2026 are planned by the Prancing Horse which will include the LaFerrari successor and a first all-electric model. Motorsport enthusiasts will also be able to rejoice at Ferrari’s return to hypercar ...

WATCH: 992 GT3 inspired Volkswagen Beetle rendered by Kyza 

Image: Hagerty Image: Hagerty Image: Hagerty Image: Hagerty Dive into the world of renderings where virtual reality is only as limited as imagination with the Kyza demonstrating in his latest video of a 992 GT3 inspired Volkswagen Beetle. Purists ...

Ford Heritage Vault Takes You Deep into Automaker's History

Ford digitized brochures, archival images, and more, and released them to the public.

Renault sells Lada stake while exiting Russian market

Lada production line Image: Newsroom Renault Group Renault has sold their Lada stake in a latest sanction against the controversial Russian assault and occupation of Ukraine which has spanned almost four months. Lada production line Image: Newsroom Renault Group ...

TopAuto – Where car buyers and car brands meet

Car Prices Portal Connect with buyers When purchasing a car, South African buyers are always on the lookout for superior brands. TopAuto is the best place to connect these buyers with your brand as it is one of South ...

Here’s Why Renting a Car Is a Pain Right Now

The chip shortage, gas prices, and airline ticket prices have created a perfect storm for holiday travelers this summer.

Hugely-popular Plant-Based Whopper from Burger King is back

The Plant-Based Whopper Vegan Royale and Vegan Nuggets The Veggie King menu The wait is over – Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper is back, completing its Veggie Kings line-up alongside the Vegan Royale and Vegan Nuggets. You can now get ...

A quick way to see an excellent ROI

South African businesses are facing a major challenge in 2022 – they need to optimise their marketing spend so that they can generate more leads and increase their market share. Digital marketing is the best way to solve this ...

Discovery Driving Academy review – Fun lessons suitable no matter your driving skills

Great training experience Discovery Driving Centre The Discovery Driving Academy uses simulators to provide important lessons for drivers of any skill ranging from beginner to experienced drivers. The team recently invited us to visit this facility, and we were ...

Two great ways to buy your next car

MFC Auctions Buying a used vehicle Buying a vehicle is one of the most exciting purchases you can make –  MFC, a division of Nedbank, can help you get the perfect set of wheels. If you’re looking for great ...