Is It Better To Buy a New Car or Fix Your Broken One in 2022?

Cars are expensive in 2022 It might take years to get the car you want Repairing your old car has benefits Unfortunately for car buying, dealership inventory has still not fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. You can expect ...

Step by Step: How to Properly Detail the Outside of Your Car?

Why you should keep your car clean Here are the materials needed to detail your car How to clean your car’s exterior Keeping your car clean is an integral part of vehicle maintenance, and detailing is the way to ...

Why ISOFIX child seats are so much safer for Australia

ISOFIX anchor points provide a rigid base that substantially decreases lateral and forward movement. ISOFIX-compatible car seats simply slot into place and latch firmly. ISOFIX anchor points are becoming available in more cars sold in Australia. ISOFIX restraints provide ...

'Pimp My Ride' Coming Back, and Here's How to Watch It on YouTube

British rapper Lady Leshurr is slated to host the reborn 2000-era classic TV show in which wild things happen to deserving cars.

Electric car insurance: how to insure your EV

You might think that electric car insurance works much like any other car insurance. It does, but with some important differences…

TikTok user shares hack on how to save fuel

Photo / Supplied A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing a hack that’s left drivers amazed. The woman, who goes by @megansbubble on the app, revealed the function of a button in the car which often goes ignored. ...

How to Erase Personal Data From a Car: Avoid Identity Theft, Protect Your Privacy

What personal information is stored in my car? How can I remove personal data from my car? Do I need to erase private information if I have an older vehicle? With their wide array of technology features, such as ...

How to replace the car battery on a Peugeot Boxer

French Power Up! You will need:     Let’s get started! Recommended next: We show you how to easily replace the vehicle battery in a Peugeot Boxer van. French Power Up! It is always a good idea to take care ...

How to Choose the Best Car Battery

Here's what you need to know to choose the right battery for your vehicle.

The most-stolen cars in America, and how to avoid being a victim of auto theft

Most stolen cars of 2021: How to avoid being a victim of auto theft Car thefts are a growing problem in the United States. As vehicle values and the cost of parts increase, thieves are increasingly incentivized to steal ...

Uber starts sending notifications about how to open Tesla doors as it expands its EV rides

Uber is expanding its electric vehicle rides through its new “Comfort Electric” option to more cities, and since most of its electric rides come from Tesla vehicles, the ride-hailing company has started sending notifications about how to open Tesla ...

How to design a car (part six): electric vehicle design

The necessary size of electric vehicles is bringing new challenges for car designers, and some are doing better than others, reckons Stevens

Volvo Cars Now Get Apple CarPlay via Over-The-Air Update — Here's How to Install

Volvo Adds Apple CarPlay to Android Auto Cars Volvo Over-the-Air Updates No Wireless CarPlay on Volvo Vehicles Yet? Volvo is adding Apple CarPlay via its over-the-air (OTA) update to its newer vehicles, which only had the infotainment system of ...

XUV700's DPF clogged: How I activated self-clean mode to fix the issue

The fuel efficiency of my Mahindra XUV700 dropped to single digits while trying to fix the diesel particulate filter clogging. Forced Parked Regeneration Procedure The fuel efficiency of my Mahindra XUV700 dropped to single digits while trying to fix ...

The Spa-style fix for hated part of London Formula E track

The changes to the second sector at the ExCeL Arena Formula E circuit will feature what is already being termed a ‘Bus Stop’ style chicane reminiscent of the former Spa-Francorchamps layout will dramatically affect the laptime and nature of ...

10 Tips On How To Improve Your Car Security

What is a car security system? Importance of car security system Tips to improve your car security 1. Dash Cam 2. Locking the car 3. Secure your car keys 4. Car alarms 5. Steering wheel lock 6. Wheel clamps ...

Paperwork, handover and how to complain

Everything you need to know about all the paperwork involved in buying a car, and what to do if you need to complain...

How to negotiate a car sale

Follow our simple haggling tips to make sure you get the car you want for the best possible price...

F1 Hungarian GP 2022: How to live stream the race for free

What is ExpressVPN? How does ExpressVPN work? How to watch the 2022 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix for free online How to watch 2022 F1 highlights for free How to listen to 2022 F1 commentary for free How to watch ...

F1 Hungarian GP: Full weekend schedule | How to watch on TV

The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix offers Ferrari their final chance to catch up with Red Bull in the title fight before the summer break. Charles Leclerc has been blighted by errors and reliability issues over the past few weeks, ...

How to get the best deal on a new car

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, these seven expert tips can help you make sure you get the most suitable model for you for the best price available...

How to pass your CBT test: motorbike and moped training explained

Compulsory basic training - or CBT - allows you to ride unsupervised on the road and is the first step to a full motorcycle licence

VW finds a permanent fix for creaking & rattling doors on my Taigun

At around 3500 km, I got a call from them that VW had come up with a fix. They then sprayed three coats of a lubricant over the beadings and said this will solve the issue. BHPian Osteon206 recently ...

Ban the Stink: 6 Bad Car Smells and How to Remove Them

Foul car smell from the carpet of your car Bad odor of cigarette smoke in a car Mildew smell in a car Musty smell from a car’s air conditioning system Vomit odor in a car Burning oil and other ...

How to fill up a fuel-cell car with hydrogen

1) Find a hydrogen pump! 2) Swipe your card  3) Open fuel flap, doors to manual  4) Watch as the pressure rises 5) Having a gas Author Tim Pollard refuels a Toyota Mirai What a hydrogen fuel pump looks ...

How to Not Get Scammed When Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

Do your research on financing and credit before stepping into a used car dealership Do your research on used car dealerships beforehand Get a pre-purchase inspection done before signing any papers Make sure to get a vehicle history report ...

How to drive an electric car

Is this thing on? Instant performance (Re)generating miles Single-pedal driving Terms and pre-conditions Other factors More electric car content at The Car Expert Readers might find the title to this piece confusing and slightly worrying – while an electric ...

How To Choose An Exclusive Car

How To Choose An Exclusive Car Luxury of movement Judgment day And still – buying or rental Time and money Terms of lease Fast pleasure Photo : Flavien on Unsplash How To Choose An Exclusive Car According to statistics, ...

How to Not Get Scammed When Buying a Used Car from a Private Party

How some private party used car sales scams work Tips to avoid getting scammed in a private party sale Don’t get scammed when buying a used car Used car prices are currently on the decline, which means that you ...

Rivian R1T: Here’s How to Get Yours Delivered in Around 6 to 8 Weeks

Production issues cause pre-orders to be delayed for the Rivian R1T Rivian offers customers another solution What you get for the money with the Rivian R1T Rivian has experienced production issues for a while. Some of those can be ...

How to Save Money to Buy a Car

Calculate how much of a down payment you need Budget for the car-related expenses using the 50/30/20 method Set up a savings account and automate your savings Sell or trade in your current car Increase your income Be realistic ...

How to Find out the Year of Your Car Using Your VIN

What is a VIN on a car? How to find out the year of your car with the VIN Other revealing information found in your car’s VIN Cars have significantly evolved since their inception. However, every vehicle still has a ...

Buick Is Recalling 24,000 Regal Sedans to Fix a Brake System Issue

It's been a while since the Buick Regal has been a subject of discussion, for the simple reason that production of the sedan ended after the 2020 model-year. And of course, for a discontinued model to return to the ...

Troubleshooter: Why does my mechanic want to fix a different problem first?

Exhaust & fuel Air conditioning drier Electrical diagnostic trees No matter how much we trust our automotive service providers, nor how long we’ve been doing business with them, there’s always an understandable distrust on the part of the consumer. ...

Proton X50 infotainment receives latest OTA software update, here's how to do it

If you’re an owner of a , your infotainment might be ready to receive new software updates as Proton just announced that the over-the-air (OTA) update is now available. It will be released in batches and owners can follow ...

How to Claim Your 1-Year CARSOME Extended Warranty

What Is Included in the CARSOME Extended Warranty Program? Gold Plan Platinum Plan Claiming Your CARSOME Warranty 1. Contact Allianz Roadside Assistance (RSA) 2. Take Your Car to a Panel Workshop 3. Relax and Wait for Your Car to ...

Own a Proton X50? There's a software update for your infotainment, here's how to do it

If you’re an owner of a , your infotainment might be ready to receive new software updates as Proton just announced that the over-the-air (OTA) update is now available. It will be released in batches and owners can follow ...

How to write the perfect car advert

The way you word your advert can make all the difference to the amount of interest you receive and the speed at which you sell your car...

How to find your car's service history

If you've bought a used car that didn't come with a full service history you could increase its value by tracking it down...


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