US: xEV Share Out Of Total Vehicle Production Doubled In 2021

Plug-in car production significantly accelerated in recent years.

The Caviar Thunderball Is A Golden Electric Scooter That Costs $49,000

It’s based on the DUALTRON X2 and features solid gold components.

This Tesla SpaceX Electric Hypercar Is Built Around Two Huge Rockets

Even though this is not an official Tesla design, it does embody Elon’s ethos of combining cars, electricity and rocket boosters.

Skoda Vision 7S Concept Officially Revealed, Shows New Corporate Identity

This is the new face of Skoda under newly appointed CEO Klaus Zellmer.

Rivian Camp Mode With Levelling Feature Added Via Software Update

As its name suggests, Camp Mode is designed to make camping in an R1T or R1S easier.

Avadar Tackles Entry-Level E-MTB Segment With C3 Sport

A hardtail frame with a 250W mid-drive makes for the perfect all-rounder.

Tesla's EVs To Connect To Starlink's Future Cellular Satellites

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has his hands in a whole host of companies, and it seems they can all work together.

Huawei-Backed Seres' Aito Brand To Use CATL Qilin Batteries

All Aito models will be equipped with CATL lithium-ion batteries.

Report: BYD-Powered Toyota bZ3 Electric Sedan Emerges In China

It appears to be the production version of the Toyota bZ SDN concept.

Tesla Submits Permit To Produce Batteries On New Lines At Fremont

Producing more EVs to meet demand means producing more EV batteries, and it seems Tesla has another new plan.

Watch Fake Tesla Battery Fire Performed By An Insurance Company

An insurance company staged a Tesla crash and battery fire, but it was pyrotechnics. The battery pack had been removed for safety.

US: The Number Of EV Models With 300+ Miles Of Range Tripled in 2022

200-250 miles is becoming the base, while the top models might exceed 400 or even 500 miles.

Rivian R1S Review On TikTok Is Creative And Fantastic

Who says you can't review the fully electric Rivian R1S three-row SUV in just over one minute?

US: Toyota To Invest $2.5 Billion In Battery Gigafactory In North Carolina

Together with the previously announced investment in battery systems for hybrids, the company will invest $3.8 billion in the plant.

Lucid Will Raise Another $8 Billion Via A New Offering

This comes as no surprise since it also appears Lucid is planning a massive expansion at its Arizona factory.

Meet Mercedes-EQ’s New Championship Edition Electric Bike

This Formula E-inspired e-bike sports two electric motors.

Scottish Startup Munro Electric Off-Roader Production Starts In 2023

This go-anywhere EV is aimed at industrial operations such as gold mines or farmers.

Polestar 6 LA Concept Edition Sold Out In One Week

The special version sells like hot cakes in all markets where reservations opened.

Ariel Hipercar Is A 1,180 HP Quad-Motor Jet Engined Range Extender Supercar

This is really a remarkable achievement for such a small, low-volume carmaker with no prior EV experience.

Electra Introduces Artsy Kakau Go! Electric Cruiser Bike

Trek’s e-bike subsidiary has artistic city-dwellers and beach-goers in its crosshairs with the new Kakau Go!

Toyota To Invest $5.6 Billion In Japan/US Battery Production

The plan is to increase BEV battery production by up to 40 GWh annually.

Tesla Touts Extreme Heat & Durability Testing In Dubai, With A Camel

Tesla has tested its cars in real-world situations at a whopping 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultium Cells Begins EV Battery Production In Ohio

After a ramp-up phase, the output will exceed 40 GWh annually.

Sono Motors Reaches 20,000 Reservations For Sion Solar EV

The company had reached 15,000 in October of 2021, so it’s added another 5,000 reservations in less than a year.

Wall Street Analyst Visits Tesla Factory, Cites "Unprecedented Demand"

This analyst is impressed by Tesla Giga Berlin's efficiency and the demand for Tesla's EVs.

NIO Electric Car Sales Increased By 82% In August 2022

The company started deliveries of its fifth electric model - the ES7.

Tesla FSD Beta Tester Parodies Dan O'Dowd: Will FSD Mow Down Kids?

The important question here is, who's video is more accurate, O'Dowd's or the FSD beta tester's?

VW Will Accelerate EV Shift Hoping To Overtake Tesla By 2025

Even with a new CEO, Volkswagen is still determined to become the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles.

California Suggests When To Charge Your EV Over Labor Day Weekend

The goal is to make sure the grid doesn't get overwhelmed so everyone is able to charge successfully.

FREY Introduces Beast Electric Mountain Bike Packed With Upmarket Features

Ascend the steepest hills and bomb down the trails with a 1,800W motor and premium components.

XPeng Electric Car Sales Dropped Below 10,000 In August 2022

The year-over-year growth significantly slowed down.

Electric Boat With Vision Marine Outboard Motors Hits 109 MPH

This is the first time that any form of electric watercraft has passed the 100 miles per hour mark.

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Increased 61% In July 2022 To 778,000

That's 14% of the global passenger car car market.

Health Staff In Cornwall, England Are Using E-Bikes To Visit Patients

It turns out e-bikes provide a number of benefits not only to patients, but to healthcare workers, as well.

Rivian R1T Crashes Into Another Vehicle Trapping Its Driver Inside

The Rivian was trying to pull out of a side street onto a busy main road and its driver probably didn't see the blue crossover.

Enter Now To Win The Tesla Of Your Choice!

Your odds of winning are fantastic.

Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD Launches In Europe

We can only hope Tesla brings back an entry-level Model Y crossover in the States.

Rimac Nevera Crash, Genesis, Lucid & Polestar: EV News Aug 26, 2022

It's nearing the end of the week and time to recap some of the most interesting happenings in the EV segment.

UK Government To Support Rollout Of 1,000 New Charging Points In England

New pilot project sees nine local authorities split £10m of funding for new chargers.

South Korea: Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preorders Exceeded 37,000 In 24 Hours

The amazing new record indicates huge demand for the new electric model.


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Mercedes-Benz Trucks Launches eActros With A Trailer

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Opens Charging Park For Customers In Germany

Italian Motorbike Maker Fantic Introduces ISSIMO 45 E-Moped

BP Opens Its First Charging Station For Electric Trucks

Tesla's Giga Shanghai Cranking Out EVs And Packing Pier Parking Lots

Tesla's Elon Musk Countersues Twitter Over $44 Billion Deal

BMW Recalls 83 i4 and iX Electric Vehicles Over Battery Fire Risk

Volkswagen Group Unveils Its First Electric Flying Taxi Prototype

China: Plug-In Car Sales Reached New Monthly Record In June 2022

How About A Smaller Tesla Cybertruck Built On Model Y Platform?

Tesla Rapidly Expanding Superchargers, 100 Now Open In Beijing Alone

Arcimoto’s Cybertrike Is The Newest Tilting Three-Wheeler Prototype

2023 BMW i4 eDrive35 Announced In The US As $52,395 Base Model

Autonomy Adds Tesla Model Y To Its EV Subscription Service

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Reached New Record In June 2022: Over 913,000

Tesla Reportedly Looking To Change Giga Press Suppliers

Exclusive: F-150 Lightning Discussion With Ford Model e VP, Darren Palmer

2023 BMW i4 M50 Weighs 2.3 Tons / 5,000 Lbs, But Is It Still A Driver’s Car?

Jaguar I-Pace Spontaneously Catches Fire While Charging In Florida

BYD To Start Selling Passenger EVs In Germany And Sweden In Q4 2022

Start Them Young With Bulls Bikes’ Twenty4 Kid-Friendly Electric Mountain Bike

Rivian Says Senate Climate Bill Favors Rivals Like Tesla, GM

GM Warns Dealers About Penalties For Taking Advantage Of Demand

World’s Top 5 EV Automotive Groups Ranked By Sales: H1 2022

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Happens To Be Thirsty In Bjørn Nyland's Range Test

Toyota Offers Plenty Of Remedies For bZ4X Owners' Troubles

Nikola Agrees To Buy Battery Supplier Romeo Power For $144 Million

US Postal Service To Increase Its Order Of Electric Vehicles

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Spotted During Commercial Shoot

Watch How Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Suffers From Power Limitations

NASCAR Might Launch Electric Racing Series, Demo Race In 2023

New Vello Bike+ Titanium Folding E-Bike Claims To Be Lightest Ever Made

Chevrolet Will Reportedly Make An Electric Corvette Sedan, Then An SUV

2023 MINI Cooper SE's Base Price Now $4,325 Higher In The US

Chevrolet Bolt Owners Must Waive Right To Sue GM To Get Cash Rebates

Stellantis Overtakes Tesla In Europe EV Sales, Targets Top Spot

Noordung's New E-Bike Flaunts A Boombox And Air Pollution Sensors

Ford Already Delivered F-150 Lightning Trucks In All 50 US States

NIO Electric Car Sales Slightly Increased In July 2022

Tesla Opens Real Swimming Pool At Supercharger Station

XPeng Electric Car Sales Increased By 43% In July 2022

Tesla Model S And X Available For Order In Europe Year-Long Hiatus

Is Tesla Taking The Next-Gen Roadster To The LA Auto Show?

Watch Colossal Hummer EV Race Durango Hellcat & Mercedes-AMG G63

MG EV Roadster Teased For The First Time As Electrifying MX-5 Rival

Rolls-Royce Spectre EV Interior Revealed In New Spy Photos

CATL Pushes Back American Battery Plant News Amid Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

Porsche Has Big Plans For E-Bikes In Coming Years

The Buxus Eva Blurs The Line Between E-Bike And E-Motorcycle

Next-Gen 2023 Hyundai Kona EV Spied Testing In Germany

Check Out The BYD Seal: Tesla Model 3 Competitor From China