Omniplus On Uptime pro: Increased vehicle availability for bus fleets

Innovative services exclusively for bus fleets are at the heart of Daimler Buses’ exhibit at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin. Daimler Buses will be presenting the new Omniplus On Uptime pro service for the first time at the international trade fair for transport technology from 20 to 23 September in hall 4.2. Visitors can also find out about the current Citaro city bus range. The focus is on the new NMC 3 battery generation for the eCitaro, the future eCitaro with fuel cell drive as range extender, and turnkey electromobility from a single source from Daimler Buses.

Omniplus On Uptime pro: Increased vehicle availability for bus fleets

Only a bus operating smoothly and without faults at all times can optimally fulfill its passenger transport tasks. With its Uptime service, Omniplus introduced a service revolution as early as 2017: Omniplus Uptime permanently monitors all relevant vehicle systems in Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses. Thanks to real-time predictive analysis, bus companies receive immediate recommendations for action in the event of an impending faults, which offers reliable protection against unpleasant surprises. Detailed advance information enables the authorized workshop to optimally prepare for upcoming tasks, combine repair and maintenance work and thus optimize service times.

The Omniplus On Uptime pro service is the next step in the evolution of the core service, paving the way to the ideal bus condition, in which the bus always runs perfectly. You can find it in the “Omniplus On advance” portal, which offers successive, new, advanced services. Omniplus On Uptime pro creates transparency with regard to the technical condition of the fleet, guarantees maximum planning security, leading to significantly increased vehicle availability. Particularly significant consideration is now being given to the needs and circumstances of large transport companies with their own workshops. Omniplus On Uptime pro uses state-of-the-art telemetry technologies to process specific transmitted vehicle data.

Transport companies are kept informed about the condition of all vehicles at all times

With Omniplus On Uptime pro, a complete remote diagnosis with all active and saved faults as well as fault environment data can now be viewed directly in the newly designed, even clearer Omniplus On portal without having to physically connect the bus to the diagnostic device as before. Dispatchers or operations controllers are fully informed at all times in real time about the messages on the driver’s display and critical status values in the respective vehicle, even for all buses in regular service – meaning that there can be no misunderstandings between drivers and dispatchers due to stress or language barriers. The system calculates an up-to-date severity assessment of fault messages on the basis of complex algorithms. It provides support in reaching a decision as to whether the vehicle needs to be brought to the workshop. If a trip to the workshop really is necessary, Uptime pro provides the bus’ personnel with comprehensive, unfiltered preliminary interpretations of fault patterns in order to make the repair as efficient as possible. Uptime pro’s data can also be imported into the transport company’s own systems and used optimally with the digital interfaces of the Omniplus On Data Packages.

This means that Omniplus reliably keeps tightly synchronized fleets in operation, and local public transport with buses runs smoothly. The programs for Omniplus On Uptime pro have been developed by bus diagnostic experts and experienced software specialists at Daimler Buses in close cooperation with major transport companies, and have been continuously optimized through intensive practical tests.

The new Omniplus On Uptime pro service will be available from September 2022; bookings can be made online in the On Commerce platform. Further advanced functions will be added successively. Experts from Omniplus will be demonstrating the new service and other digital services to interested transport companies at the Daimler Buses stand during the InnoTrans trade fair.

Improved consumption overview in the Omniplus On monitor

The digital service for monitoring and optimizing consumption values has been developed further. In the Omniplus On Portal under On monitor, it can now display trends and optimization potential for energy consumption in even greater detail. In addition to diagrams of consumption values per vehicle and route, it also differentiates whether the energy was used for propulsion or vehicle air conditioning. This makes it easy to compare the individual vehicles with each other and, if necessary, derive suitable measures for reducing energy consumption.

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro range extender: Outstanding range with fuel cell

Daimler Buses is also highly dynamic in terms of vehicles: As a solo bus with average requirements, it covers a distance of around 400 kilometers, as an articulated bus around 350 kilometers – the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro range extender also covers the long range intentions of transport operators and can thus seamlessly replace city buses with combustion engines. The basis is a battery-electric drive system, the fuel cell with an output of 60 kW serves as a hydrogen generator to extend the range. Thanks to the long range, intermediate charging along the route is not intended and charging is carried out consistently by plug at the depot. The premiere and initial deliveries of the eCitaro Range Extender are planned for 2023.

NMC 3 batteries: High-performance batteries with high capacity

A move to the new battery generation is imminent in both the eCitaro range extender and in the fully battery-electric eCitaro. These NMC3 batteries (third-generation nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries) with cylindrical shape and improved cell chemistry as well as optimized battery pack lead to a significant increase in energy density. In the eCitaro solo bus, this means a maximum capacity of 588 kWh, and in the articulated bus as high as 686 kWh. Under average conditions, this results in a range of 280 kilometers for the solo bus and 220 kilometers for the articulated bus throughout the entire service life of the battery. In favorable conditions, their range is well over 300 kilometers. This means that the buses cover the majority of the requirements of the daily mileage requirements of city buses. Initial deliveries are planned for the end of 2022.

Turnkey electric mobility from a single source

The eCitaro is at the heart of the electrification of city bus fleets, but it can only develop its full performance capability by being embedded in an overall system. Daimler Buses, therefore, not only supplies the individually configured eCitaro, but also the charging infrastructure, charging management, and fleet management on request. In modules or all from a single source, including construction work for the newbuild or conversion of depots, from planning and construction measures to electrical installations. Experienced partners are involved – this means turnkey e-mobility from a single source.

This applies to the charging infrastructure, charging management and fleet management right up to the provision of buses at the depot and their ongoing communication with the control center – supported, for example, by in-house data analysis using Omniplus On or by our partner IVU Traffic Technologies – as well as the building work for the newbuild or conversion of vehicle depots, from construction planning to construction measures and electrical installations. A major advantage: Partner companies and their performance capacity have been tested, and the charging technology in use is compatible with the eCitaro.

Whether buses, digital services or the entire infrastructure when switching to electromobility: Daimler Busses sets standards for local, zero-emissions public transport with busses, making way for a worthwhile, sustainable life in the city.

SOURCE: Daimler Truck


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